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The Mind of FarmoreSpel

Here beith lots of fangirling and capslock. You've been warned.

14 April
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Howdy Ya'll!

I'm...well, you can know me as Farmorespel or Spel. Um...I'm 19 and love to ride horses, especially in the sport of 3-Day Eventing. My favorite TV shows are BONES, Buffy: TVS, Angel: TVS, CSI: Miami, NCIS, Dark Angel, and The Mentalist.
I am a pairing shipper and a fangirl at heart, known to have complete spazz-out moments when my favorite pairing has a "moment, accompanied by my squealing and bouncing up and down. Despite being a complete spaz, I am prone to mood swings, and can be pretty volitile when I want to be.

Um....that's it for now! See ya'll lata'!